Smart Welcome by Academia

The first "smart" hotel in Peterburg. Contactless placement.
Why should I choose a Smart Welcome?
  • The rating of the hotel is 9.2
    Based on more than 150 guest reviews
  • Location in the center
    Near all the sights
  • Smart Hotel
    Contactless check-in and smart number system
  • Early check-in or late check-out as a gift*
    *Subject to availability of rooms
All points of attraction of
St. Petersburg are nearby!
The hotel is located in the very center of the city, near Nevsky and Ligovsky Avenues, Moskovsky Train Station, Rubinstein Street and Gallery shopping center.
About the hotel
Russia, Saint Petersburg, 4th Sovetskaya Street, 7
+7 (812) 564-64-27 — book
Smart Welcom Academia is a hotel that is equipped with everything necessary for your comfortable stay at affordable prices.

You don't have to worry about having nowhere to wash or iron things - all our rooms are equipped with washing machines and ironing stations.

The concept of a smart hotel allows guests to get maximum comfort at a reasonable price and gives an opportunity to comfortably save money for travel lovers.

Manage your number with one click
Try a smart home for a taste. We are sure you will like it.
  • Contactless access
    You get access to the room without the tedious check-in procedure at the reception
  • Smart Home
    Manage all hotel systems from one tablet
  • Fast Internet
    The speed of our Wi-Fi will pleasantly surprise you
How does contactless check-in work?
Choose a room and book it
Use the form on the website or call our 24-hour call center at +7 (812) 564-64-27
Receive confirmation
Our care service will contact you and confirm that everything is fine and we are waiting for you to visit. Before arrival, our care service will send you a unique individual code with which you can get to your room.
Come to the address 4th Sovetskaya Street, house 7, to get to the hotel you just need to enter the received code. It will be valid throughout your stay at the hotel.
Our rooms
We offer you two types of rooms. All our rooms are equipped with bathrooms, Wi-Fi internet, safes, tea stations and televisions.
Standard Smart Number
1-2 people
from 1000
The size is 13 square meters. meters.
Large double bed
Fast Internet
Kettle, washing machine
Budget Smart
1-2 people
from 1300
Size 10 sq. m
. Large double bed
Kettle, washing machine
Fast Internet
Photo Gallery
Russia, Saint Petersburg, 4th Sovetskaya Street, 7
+7 (812) 564-64-27 — book
Book a room
Fill out the form with the information and we will send you an e-mail confirmation. Or just call our 24-hour call center +7 (812) 564-64-27
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